Use the new UCSF PowerPoint templates to help reinforce that your work supports UCSF and is part of an institution rooted in collaboration, innovation, and scientific advancements.

Download PowerPoint templates in 4x3 and 16x9 formats. UCSF Master Brand, UCSF Health, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals, and UCSF/ZSFG versions are available. You can also replace the UCSF logo with your department logo using the instructions in the file.

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland: template available here with no Box access required.


It is important to establish a consistent impression with our audiences. This will allow them to recognize and value the power and promise of UCSF. Our PowerPoint templates offer title slide variations that feature our color palette, patterns and photography. Since PowerPoint presentations are often shared among users who may not have our brand fonts, our PowerPoint templates are built using Arial and Garamond, which are universal fonts found on most computers.

Customization Options

The PowerPoint templates can be used for a variety of different purposes and can be personalized for your department or unit. Refer to the PowerPoint Usage Guide for instructions on customizing the template with your logo lock-up or images, and overall presentation best practices.

Title Slide Examples

There are a variety of title slides available to accommodate your audiences and content, including photography, pattern and color-only slides. If changing the background image, be mindful of how the colors in the photograph work with the title slide color.

title slide examples

title slide example navy with scientific pattern bubbles

slide template with photo of parent child hands navy background

Interior Slide Examples

The template has the following interior slides: 4 content slides; a chart slide; a blank slide; a quote slide; and a section header slide. All slides are available in both dark and light backgrounds. Consider the audience and environment when choosing slide versions. For instance, dark backgrounds may work well for conference presentations, but are not ideal for corporate presentations or if you plan to print the slides.

interior slide examples


If developing a presentation with two or more internal partners, feature the master brand signature with the department or unit names in Arial text. Follow the internal co-branding guidelines in the PowerPoint Usage Guide. Do not use multiple UCSF logos on the same page.

If developing a joint presentation with an external partner, follow the external co-branding guidelines in the PowerPoint Usage Guide. The UCSF logo should always sit on the left.


external partner cobranding example


internal partner cobranding example

Closing Slide Examples

Several closing slide designs are available – including a simple layout featuring the master logo, as well as slides utilizing photography from our mission areas: patient care, research, and education. These images can be replaced, but please be mindful of the layout and our photography style considerations when choosing images. 

end slide power point doctor patient parnassus squiggly line pattern

end slide ucsf logo navy background

Download Options


PowerPoint templates are available in two sizes depending on your usage needs:


4x3 cover navy background scientific bubble pattern
4x3 quote
4x3 divider

16x9 cover
16x9 quote
16x9 divider

Logo Versions / Downloads

Download templates for:

Also, download the PowerPoint Usage Guide for details on customizing your template.

Additional Resources

The following resources are also available for download: