Print Guidelines

Print materials are still a necessary part of communications and marketing. Use this list to ensure your print projects are up to brand standards.

The Print Guidelines section can be your starting point for any printed materials projects – posters, fliers, brochures, handouts, etc. Remember to start every project – print or digital – with a creative brief.

Easy-to-use, branded templates built in PowerPoint are available for posters. This is a great starting point if you don't want to create your own.

When starting a print collateral project at UCSF, please consider the following:

  1. Elements of the UCSF visual system should be used in conjunction with one another to create the highest impact and most recognizable UCSF materials.
  2. Start with a visual framework to guide your design.
  3. UCSF logos can be downloaded from the Logos page.
  4. Desktop fonts in Helvetica Neue and Granjon are provided free of charge to UCSF employees. Fill out the font request form and return to [email protected]. Default fonts (Arial and Garamond) for Microsoft Office applications are available on all computers and are used in our templates.
  5. A library of photographs using the UCSF photography style and licensed for use on UCSF materials (not for paid advertising) are available on our Brand Photography Library. Please ensure you're using photographs accurately by checking the caption information. If you're interested in using UCSF photographs for paid advertising such as a newpaper or magazine ad or a City light pole banner, please contact UCSF's Office of Communications at [email protected].
  6. The revised color palette is available for your use. The color palette was designed to pair navy as a base color with neutrals (white, blues, grays) and up to three colors from the palette. Please see the PDF brand guidelines for further details on color usage.
  7. You can send your designs to [email protected] for feedback – or contact us if you have questions.