Visual Framework

The visual framework, also known as the graphic expression, is a design framework which allows you to put the pieces of the visual system together to create a look and feel that is unique to UCSF. The result builds consistency and recognition into UCSF materials, and helps us embrace the UCSF brand and begin to look like a cohesive family.


visual framework

Our graphic expression is an organic tapestry that brings color, imagery, textures and content together to form a connected and unified expression of this brand promise and to symbolize one UCSF.



Graphic Expression Application

Our graphic expression is a flexible system that can convey multiple concepts to reinforce a story or simply to serve as a functional element that visually supports content flow and hierarchy. The following demonstrates the range and flexibility of our graphic expression optimized for both digital (desktop and mobile) and traditional print applications.

graphic expression focus


Focus and Highlighting: Layering and scaling graphic forms within itself to create a focal point may visually suggest or reinforce the idea of focus or magnification.

graphic expression overlap


Collaboration and Integration: Overlapping graphic forms to reveal a focal point may visually reinforce the idea of collaboration or integration to highlight an area of focus.

graphic expression connect


Connected Community: Connecting graphic forms into a composition visually reinforces UCSF’s core building blocks and its core story of converging the best research, education and patient care.

graphic expression stack




Combined Expertise: Stacking graphic forms can visually create hierarchy for conveying multiple ideas or offerings. Using color in this stacked approach can also visually represent momentum or an integrated step-by-step process.


graphic expression example

graphic expression example green

graphic expression example blue


graphic expression example magenta

Download Visual Framework Templates

Templates are available in both horizontal and vertical graphic forms, from simple two-graphic configurations to muti-graphic configurations. Open these templates in your design programs (Adobe InDesign or Illustrator) to serve as a starting point for creating UCSF materials.



Download here



Download here