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Have a question about how to apply the UCSF visual identity? Not sure where to find a template? See below for the most frequently asked questions about the UCSF brand. If you still need help, contact [email protected].

Questions About Logos

How do I request a logo?

Select logo lock-ups (the UCSF logo with a department name) are available in the "Brand Graphics" folder of the Brand Photography Library. If your logo is not available, take our Logo Quiz.

Do I need a logo lock-up?

A logo is a visual representation of your group. It can serve as a visual cue to the organization. It can help establish credibility, and reinforce your group's affiliation with UCSF. A logo does not communicate your brand or help your audiences understand who you are or what you do. It also needs other visual elements to support it.

A variety of logo lock-ups and solutions for programs are available by request. Take the our Logo Quiz to determine which best fits your needs.


Questions About the UCSF Visual Identity


Questions About UCSF Health Brand