Brand Photography Library

Photography is essential in telling the UCSF story in a compelling way. The Brand Photography Library is a valuable resource available to all members of the UCSF community. 

Our UCSF Brand Photography Library includes a curated collection of approved imagery that reflects our photography style and quality, and depicts our actual patients, students, faculty and staff. All images contained in the library have been cleared for non-advertising use on UCSF materials. New images are added to the library on a regular basis so check back frequently.

dad playing with child

Navigating the Library

  • Access the Brand Photography Library by logging in through MyAccess. Vendors and partners may request access from the log-in page.
  • If you’re looking for a specific person type their name in the search bar (generally works best to do just a first OR last name).
  • If you’re looking for a type of photo, try searching a keyword like “doctor”, “patient”, “researcher”, “post-doc”, “student”, “lab”, or “surgery”.
  • Tip: when you type in the search, make sure you started in the Home folder to get the best results.
  • If you’re browsing for photography, start in the Brand Photography Library folders - Environment, Science, Emotion. 
  • To see the most recent photos - once in a folder, change the "A-Z" sort filter in the top right corner to "Date Uploaded" and "Descending". 


Usage Rights: Please be advised the photos may not be used commercially without permission. Commercial use includes all paid advertising or placement. Paid advertising includes books, city pole banners, billboards and periodicals.

Patient Photos: These images are available by request only. This is in an effort to protect our patients from being misrepresented.

Photo Context: Please be careful to read the captions in the library. Photos should always be used in the appropriate context. For example: a student should not be depicted as a cancer patient.

Consent Forms: All patient photography requires a HIPAA consent form completed by the patient/guardian with a UCSF staff member (non-UCSF staff cannot administer HIPAA consent to our patients). Media consent forms are now required for both patients and non-patients. All forms are available in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. 

Consent Talking Points: Use these required talking points to obtain consent. This ensures those being photographed are properly informed of how their image may be used.

Photography Ideas

If you have ideas for additions to the Brand Photography Library that could be used widely across UCSF, please email to [email protected].