Brand Story

Each of us – as employees, faculty, health care providers, staff, and students – share a responsibility for telling the UCSF story every day. Our brand strategy, also known as our brand positioning, is the foundation for telling that story – it is what drives us, what differentiates us from others, and why we feel proud to be a part of UCSF. If individually we tell a consistent story about who UCSF is and what we stand for, we'll increase the impact of UCSF as a whole.

UCSF Brand Strategy/Positioning

Through our singular focus, we are leading revolutions in health.

The UCSF positioning statement is the foundation of everything we say and do. It is the cohesive message that defines who we are, and demonstrates how we want to be perceived by our audiences.

Talking about the institution as a whole and making the connection specific to each audience strengthens our ability to have an impact. A positioning statement helps us tell a strong, authentic story.  It helps us distinguish ourselves from our competitors, and helps tell our audiences what they can expect from UCSF.

Brand Attributes

The foundation of the UCSF brand positioning is our differentiators, our driving forces and our core principles. The attributes in these categories help us to establish emotional connections with our audiences. These attributes are consistent, enduring and predictable.


While many regard us as a leader in health, they often recognize us for only part of what we do. Few appreciate what sets us apart as a whole. The following differentiators are common to each of our endeavors, and are our larger story.





San Francisco

Driving Forces

Driving forces are the unique reasons why we do what we do. Our communications will be stronger and more distinctive when these forces shape the tone and personality of what we want to say.




Public Mission

Core Principles

All that we say and do should communicate these four core principles. This will yield more cohesive communications that leverage our differentiators and harness our driving forces to create a compelling and sustainable UCSF story.






Positioning Narrative

UC San Francisco is driven by the idea that when the best research, the best education and the best patient care converge, great breakthroughs are achieved. We pursue this integrated excellence with singular focus, fueled by collaboration among our top-ranked professional and graduate schools, medical center, research programs and support teams.

We work passionately to advance knowledge, yielding scientific breakthroughs that benefit life and health worldwide. We innovate health education across disciplines to develop collaborative and creative leaders. We improve the lives of patients and populations by creating and implementing urgently needed new practices, policies, therapies and cures.

We are committed to serving our diverse communities. From the heart of the dynamic bay area, we create new models for partnering with leading innovators in academia, science, technology and industry in pursuit of our public mission.

Working as one, UCSF integrates excellence with a singular focus to deliver the best possible outcomes for you and those you care about.