At UCSF, we are united by a driving passion to improve health. Through every promising graduate, every breakthrough discovery and every grateful patient, we are making a profound impact – from San Francisco to every corner of the world.


Our brand is the culmination of every impression that helps us – as part of the UCSF community – engage with supporters, patients, advocates, and students. It represents the pride and passion that we have in the work we do, and how we distinguish ourselves as UCSF.

Purpose of this Guide

Strengthening the UCSF brand is vital to our future. This guide was designed to help tell the UCSF story in a consistent and compelling way. When we pair a strong logo system with a rich palette of color, type and imagery, we form the basis of the UCSF identity system. They are tools for storytelling that build strong emotional connections to the UCSF brand and invite immediate associations to our schools, research centers, patient facilities and everything we collectively represent.


Every encounter with UCSF — whether in person, online or through our services — is an opportunity to share our story. Applying these guidelines is essential to building our brand — with a consistent voice and look that is unmistakably UCSF.


Download a PDF (45MB) of the UCSF brand guidelines. 

PDF iconUCSF_BrandGuide_v2.1_083116.pdf


Download a PDF (15 MB) of the supplemental guidelines for programs/initiatives and partnerships.

PDF iconUCSF_Guidelines_Program-Partnerships_v1_072816.pdf

Brand Strategy

We each share a responsibility for telling the UCSF story every day.


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Visual System

Building blocks for communicating UCSF's brand identity in a unified visual system.


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Brand elements brought together in the right way create engaging visual expressions


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UCSF Use of Name at March For Science

For guidance on how to represent yourself, student groups or departments at the March for Science, please see our directive here.

Additional Resources


This site provides a top-level view of how to express the UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals identities. For further information about these specific identities, please contact art.director@ucsfmedctr.org.



A supplemental guide has been created to help communicate your program or initiative or if if you have partnered with an external organization or company. You can view the Brand Logos section for treatment of different types of programs: internal initiatives, external programs, and partnerships. A PDF of the program/initiative and partnership guidelines can be downloaded from each relevant page.


Visit the Get Help page to view FAQs, inquire about training, and more.