Using the UCSF Name

If you're working with an external partner who is interested in referencing the UCSF name in their materials, please review the following local implementation procedures of the University of California policy 0864. We typically do not allow vendors or outside companies to use the UCSF name to promote their products or services.

Local Implementation Procedures

The name "University of California" is the property of the State of California. No person or entity may, without the permission of The Regents, use this name or any abbreviation of it. 250-13: Use of University Name, Seal, Logo and Brand Identity, Use of University Name, Seal, Logo and Brand Identity outlines appropriate usage of the UCSF name.

Per DA 0864, the name “University of California, San Francisco” and/or abbreviations (e.g., UC San Francisco, UCSF, etc.) and other UCSF trademarks may only be used with the permission of the UCSF Office of Communications.

An outside entity (public or private) is not permitted to use the UCSF name for advertising. UCSF is prohibited from promoting or endorsing an outside entity’s product or service. As stated in University of California Delegation of Authority 0864 Policy to Permit Use of the University’s Name (DA 0864), approval for use of the UC name in a commercial context “…shall not be given for any advertising listing the University as a user of any product or service, or as the source of research information on which a commercial program/publication is based.”

Per DA 0864, three groups must be considered when granting or withholding permission for use of the University’s name:

  • Commercial Use: Not permitted if for purposes of promoting a company, product or service.
  • Non-Commercial Use: Permitted if in the best interest of UCSF and does not involve an endorsement or sponsorship by the University or obligation to provide budgetary support.
  • Use by Individual Employees: Permitted when employee makes a true and accurate statement and discloses his/her relationship with said company. In cases where identification with UCSF might reasonably be construed as implying support, endorsement, advancement or opposition of any political, religious, sociological or economic movement, activity or program by the University, it is the responsibility of the employee to issue an appropriate disclaimer (see below) concurrent with the use of the University name declaring in substance that the University is not involved in the particular activity or program.

UCSF Vice Chancellor of Communications, as delegated by the UCSF Chancellor, may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis to use “University of California, San Francisco” or “UCSF” to outside entities who:

  • Are nonprofit organizations or research institutions that further the UCSF mission OR
  • Provide funds to UCSF in the form of grants, partnership dollars, or to conduct research OR
  • Are integral to a project with enterprise-wide impact or enhance and/or highlight UCSF’s mission OR
  • Are a government agency with a specific connection to UCSF.

Intended use and context must be provided when submitting requests for use of name. Use parameters will be given at the time of approval.

If approved for use, all references to the UCSF name or quotes from UCSF employees must be factual, non-promotional and science-based, if appropriate. No preferential treatment should be given to UCSF in instances where UCSF is referenced in conjunction with other relevant outside entities or institutions*.

If an outside entity is using the UCSF name without permission, they will be asked to remove all references to UCSF on their materials.

* References to UCSF should be listed with peer institutions and/or comparable outside entities.

Disclosure and Disclaimer

  1. A company news release reporting on UCSF collaborative development and/or academic research should include the following UC disclaimer (usually at the end of the document):

“The information stated above was prepared by XXX [fill in name] and reflects solely the opinion of XXX. Nothing in this statement shall be construed to imply any support or endorsement of XXX, or any of its products, by the Regents of the University of California, its officers, agents and employees.”

  1. In addition, if a company’s news release quotes or references UCSF faculty/staff/students/trainees, the company document should include a disclosure statement (usually at the end of the document) that states whether the individual or individuals receive any compensation from the company, such as:

“XXX will [receive/not receive] compensation from XXX.”

Protocol for Use of Name

All requests to utilize the UCSF name must be submitted, in writing, to the UCSF Office of Communications. The requestor must provide the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the outside entity a non-profit or research institution?
  • Is the outside entity a government agency?
  • Did the outside entity provide funds to UCSF?
  • Were the funds a gift, grant, partnership, or to conduct research?
  • What was the dollar amount of the funding?
  • What is the nature of the project/relationship?
  • What UCSF department(s) is the outside entity working with?
  • Who is the main UCSF contact person?
  • Is UCSF conducting research or developing a product/service on behalf of the outside entity? Has/will UCSF published the results?
  • What is the anticipated or actual resulting product or service?
  • Does UCSF own or share the rights to the resulting product or service?
  • How does the project/relationship align with UCSF’s priorities?
  • How will the UCSF name be used? (e.g. press release announcing the relationship or highlighting the product or service, website, video, case study, social media postings, conferences, etc.)
  • Please provide draft language and/or mock-up of how the UCSF name/logo will be used
  • Please provide a time-frame for how long use is intended. Approval is provided for the specific use, and any new uses should be submitted for approval.

The UCSF Office of Communications will approve responses in writing.

For questions regarding Use of UCSF Name policies, contact [email protected].