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Have a question about how to apply the UCSF visual identity? Not sure where to find a template? See below for the most frequently asked questions about the UCSF brand. If you still need help, contact [email protected].

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Questions About the UCSF Visual Identity

I'm starting a project and want to hire a designer. Does UCSF have those resources?

Several freelance designers have been trained and are successfully using the UCSF visual identity. Contact [email protected] for more information. Don't forget to start every project with a creative brief, and send your work to [email protected] for review prior to finalizing.

How do I get the brand fonts?

University Relations has purchased a limited number of brand font licenses for UCSF employees who are directly involved in the creation of marketing and communication materials. To request a license, please submit a brand font request form to [email protected]

For all other users, including external designers, these font licenses are available for purchase online: Helvetica Neue and Granjon.

For webfonts, we recommend licensing the Helvetica Neue and Granjon brand fonts directly from myfonts.com. They have a range of options that should work for you based on your site design and traffic needs. Contact [email protected] for guidance.


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