Use Of Name At Marches And Advocacy Events

Official Directive for Using the UCSF Name and Logo

A UCSF department or entity may use their respective UCSF logo lock-up for identification purposes only at the marches and advocacy events. If you are producing materials to use at these events, you may use your department’s logo on banners, posters, t-shirts, etc.


As a public institution and, as stated in University use of name policies, UCSF logos cannot be used to promote products, services or organizations, and cannot appear alongside any political slogans or statements for or against a political party, candidate, official or legislation.


The directive for marches and other advocacy events mirrors University policies. As such, official march or event names or logos may not appear alongside the UCSF name or logo.


Master brand logos (UCSF, University of California San Francisco) may not be used on any materials related to marches or advocacy events.


Department logos can be downloaded from the UCSF Brand Photography Library. Log in with your MyAccess ID, then go to Assets > Brand Graphics > Brand Logos.


Sample banner USAGE

Sample t-shirt USAGE


Sample Sign USAGE