It is important to provide a consistent visual first impression with external audiences. By utilizing the new UCSF PowerPoint template with both internal and external audiences, you can help reinforce that our work supports the common goal of UCSF and is part of a collective body of work that comes from one institution.

PowerPoint Templates

In order to accommodate the differing needs of a broad group of UCSF PowerPoint users, the master template was built with a variety of title slide, layout, and closing slide options, in addition to scenarios for sub-group branding and branding with partners. Prior to using the template, we encourage you to download and review the instruction document which will help guide you through these customizable areas.


PDF iconUsage Instructions_UCSF PowerPoint Template.pdf


To download the PowerPoint template, see the Downloads section at the bottom of the page.

Title Slide

full bleed


Two variations of the title slide can be used: full-bleed color or photographic background. Campus or clinical logo lock-ups can also be used within the template and should be placed in the position of the master brand signature. If multiple sub-brands or external partners need to be represented together.

photographic background


Our PowerPoint templates are built with several title slide options with a Photographic Background. It is possible to customize the title slide by adding a different image. Please see below for further detail.

Color and Photography Options

The PowerPoint system is flexible enough to create various unique impressions. Background imagery can be customized to Accommodate audience and content. The title slide color can be selected from the UCSF color palette. When selecting background imagery and title slide color, select imagery with colors that complement the title slide color as shown here.


Textural images work well as PowerPoint backgrounds. These photographs can identify UCSF in a more conceptual way, or an iconic way. When introducing images that are more contextual to the presentation, make sure the images is cropped in a way that works with the title slide.


Interior Slides

PowerPoint slides are available with either white or navy footers (shown here). Please keep one consistent footer style throughout a presentation. All slides are also available with both dark and light backgrounds. Consider the audience and environment when choosing slide versions. For instance, dark backgrounds may work well for conference presentations, but are not ideal for corporate or printing purposes.




Closing Pages

The template includes various closing slides. These slide options include the brand positioning, the master brand logo signature, or a strong photographic impression. utilizing an impactful UCSF closing slide is another way in which we can build awareness for UCSF.


Aspect Ratio

Our PowerPoint template has been built in two aspect ratios, 16:9 and 4:3. Before the development of a PowerPoint presentation, identify the appropriate display format of the presentation venue. This will ensure the best visual experience of the information and the UCSF brand, while protecting content from compression or distortion.




If developing a joint presentation with an external partner, follow the external partners PowerPoint template and co-branding guidelines.


If developing a presentation with two or more internal partners, feature the master brand signature with the sub-brand entity names in Arial text. Follow the internal partners lock-up guideline.


external Partners


Downloadable Options


Powerpoint templates are available in 2 sizes depending on your usage needs:

1) 4:3 aspect ratio (standard PPT size)
2) 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen size compatible with HD monitors)



Since PowerPoint presentations are often shared among users who do not have our brand fonts, our standard PowerPoint templates are built with Arial and Garamond, which are universal fonts. For users presenting on computers with brand fonts, or converting to PDF, templates with Helvetica Neue and Granjon are available by request. Contact University Relations for further information.




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