Brand Logos

The family of UCSF logos collectively represents our brand. The UCSF logo is the most visible representation of our brand. It is an expression of our personality and a distillation of all the experiences that make UCSF unique. To ensure consistent usage across the master brand enterprise and all associated entities and sub-brands, please use the UCSF logo in accordance with these guidelines.

Family of Logos

The family of UCSF logos is structured within five core pillars: master brand, clinical mission, clinical, entities and campus. No other logos or emblems other than those detailed within these guidelines should represent any UCSF entity.


Do not create your own logo. All logos must be developed by University Relations. Contact to request a logo or treatment. Please note that not all groups qualify for having its own logo or treatment designed; instead, these groups will use the UCSF Master logo.

Logo Overview

Download a PDF of the PDF iconUCSF_LogoUsageGuide for quick reference to logo best practices.







Master Brand Logo

The master brand signature is the most prominent representation of the UCSF brand. It is the preferred variation on the UCSF logo for all print and digital applications.

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Clinical Logos

Clinical logos were created to support communication of patient-facing entities. UCSF Health unifies UCSF’s diverse clinical enterprise. It comprises components such as UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, as well as faculty practice groups and joint ventures and affiliations. UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are still prominent patient-facing sub-brands and will continue to use their respective logos. Clinical entities that are not part of UCSF Medical Center or UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals utilize a similar logo structure. This structure places greater prominence on the name than in the campus logo lock-up system.


Note that the combined “UCSF Medical Center | UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals” logo is no longer being used, and should be replaced with the UCSF Health logo in communications.

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Entity Logo Lock-Up


Entities represent umbrella organizations that cross research, education, and patient care departments. The design of this logo lock-up structure places greater prominence on the clinical entity name as compared to the campus logo lock-up system to highlight the cross-section of disciplines.

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Campus Logo Lock-Up

The campus logo encompasses academic entities, such as schools and departments. The design of the logo lock-up creates a strong UCSF impression, helping to reinforce each entities affiliation with the master brand.

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In general terms, a program or initiative is a plan of action to accomplish a specific goal. Similar to our schools and departments, programs are a strong part of the UCSF brand because they represent UCSF’s mission and help us connect with key audiences. Audiences for programs can vary widely, from internal UCSF employees to the general public.

- Internal Programs


Internal programs are ones directed at UCSF employees, faculty, or students. The treatment prominently displays the name of the program in a UCSF brand colored box, and would be used in conjunction with the UCSF logo or department logo lock-up.

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- External Programs


External programs are promoted through external audiences such as the general public, outside companies or organizations, etc. The external program logo lock-up highlights the name of the program and its association with UCSF. The local/regional version assumes the audience is familiar with UCSF, while the national/international version uses the UCSF signature (UCSF logo with University of California, San Francisco) to clearly identify the institution.

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Partnerships and Co-Branding

As the number of partnerships with outside companies, organizations, and academic institutions increase, there is a need to build structure around how to best represent UCSF in these partnerships. Treatments for internal departments who partner on a program or initiative, formal partnerships with external companies or organizations, as well as sponsorships (co-branding) have been created to prominently display their association with UCSF.

- Internal Partnerships

When co-branding with other UCSF partners, set each partnering entity in Helvetica Neue Light type rather than using each entity’s logo. Pair each partner grouping with the UCSF signature.

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- External Partnerships


The partnership logo lock-up system was created to represent UCSF’s partnership with external entities. The design of the partnership logo lock-up differs from our other logo lock-ups and is unique, distinctive, and proprietary, but still aligns with the overall UCSF brand architecture.

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- Sponsorships / Co-Branding

The treatment above is used to represent UCSF as a sponsor alongside other companies, organizations, or academic institutions.

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Logo Expression

The logo expression represents a new way to frame the UCSF logo. The design infuses emotion and expressiveness, and can be used in various print and web applications. The UCSF logo expression is reserved for use with the UCSF master brand logo.

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A tagline is a primary marketing message. Its primacy is established and expressed by its position in lockup with UCSF master signature. The UCSF tagline may also be used independent of the UCSF signature.

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