Our Vision



UC San Francisco is a diverse community, made up of people with many skills and talents. But throughout all that we do, there is an indisputable common bond: A core belief that our work makes a difference and that, together, we can – and will – improve the health of people here and around the world.


Our ambitions are big and they are leading us to partner in bold, new ways – to strengthen our research capabilities, deepen our educational impact, improve patient care and continually extend the reach of our service.


These new partnerships are important to our future. Realizing our ambitions will require the support and special expertise from many fields – philanthropy, technology, engineering, big data, pharmaceuticals, biotech, government, and healthcare, to name but a few.


A key step in building new relationships is making sure that the right people know about UCSF. Visual communication is one way to reach people. Using a common visual identity – that is, a common set of tools to visually depict who we are and what we do – helps to tell a powerful and memorable story.


We know we can do a better job of telling the UCSF story. And each of us can play a critical role in making that happen.


To help tell a stronger UCSF story, the University Relations team has partnered with a cross-section of the UCSF enterprise, as well as seasoned communications and marketing professionals, to create a common visual identity system.


A top priority in creating this refreshed identity system was to address the issues many of you had voiced over the years – that the existing system was cumbersome to use, that it didn’t reproduce well across digital platforms and that it lacked the boldness, impact, humanity and community that define UCSF. It was also a priority to make it easy to use the name “UCSF” to visually identify each one of our units or programs – clearly linking all of us together.


The brand guidelines were created as a roadmap to enable you to use the UCSF identity in all that you do. Consistent usage of this system – across the campus and medical center – will enable us to work together to raise awareness of the entire UCSF enterprise. In turn, a greater awareness of UCSF will allow each of us to more deeply engage with those who share our dreams and can help us realize them.


Barbara J. French

Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications and University Relations