Logo File Formats

All UCSF logos and lock-ups are provided in two colors and several file formats. These assets have been created at specific sizes common to their media. The native files should not be altered, recolored, scaled disproportionately or modified in any way.

Logo Resources

Select logos are available for download. See Master Brand, Campus Logo Lock-Up, and Clinical Logo Lock-Up pages for more information. 

As indicated in the chart, four color process CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and PMS (pantone matching system) assets are only available in EPS vector formats suitable for all print applications. For on-screen digital applications, RGB versions are available in most formats. EPS vector formats should be used where assets need to be scaled up or down for application. Both PNG bitmap and JPG pixel formats are fixed resolution assets reserved for web and digital applications. PNG formats have transparent backgrounds while jpg formats have a fixed white background. Both PNG and JPG formats can not be scaled up.



on-screen For websites, presentations, etc.